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I ask Spring to come

Aziz Isa Elkun

When the Spring flower daffodils open shyly
When the nightingale lands in my garden to sing
When apricot trees wear veils of white blossom
I say to my long awaited Spring, you must come today.

When the frosty sky gives birth to the warm sun
When the migrating crane flies away to seek the Spring
When Zaynap* misses her lover with longing
I say to my long awaited Spring, you must come today.

On a morning when the sun shines its bright smile
Why are our hearts gloomy and full of longing
I would be happy to be a Spring bud growing
I say to my long awaited Spring, you must come today.

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Autumn love

Aziz Isa Elkun

It’s a sunny golden morning here
Life is beautiful under the blue sky
and the sun
When they are revealed.

But my desiring heart finds inspiration…
Life sometimes fills with emotion
and much more is on its way.
When I gently touch the golden leaves,
They flutter in the wind.

I feel that I am reading
thousands of verses of poetry.
all written for us by the God of love.

22nd October 2016, London

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Hopes float on the Mediterranean

Aziz Ia Elkun

The sun shines above the volcano
By the sea where Mussolini’s boot was burned
Their green orchards were full of fruit
Their fortresses were the tallest of all.

Fish swim merrily through the sea
The smell of wine has not yet evaporated from the pot
A couple on the beach forget the world
A love song sung at high tide.

The silver-coated water gleams
Love’s sails blush on the horizon
Unlucky mountains with great sorrow in their hearts –
Shake the earth when they explode.

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