Hopes float on the Mediterranean

Aziz Ia Elkun

The sun shines above the volcano
By the sea where Mussolini’s boot was burned
Their green orchards were full of fruit
Their fortresses were the tallest of all.

Fish swim merrily through the sea
The smell of wine has not yet evaporated from the pot
A couple on the beach forget the world
A love song sung at high tide.

The silver-coated water gleams
Love’s sails blush on the horizon
Unlucky mountains with great sorrow in their hearts –
Shake the earth when they explode.

Lovers’ tragic stories are carried by the boats
On this island countless babies were born …
Yet how many hopes were drowned in the sea
Tears fall from the dark clouds on the face of the earth.

The cathedral’s twin domes are in rebellion
The god of love sunk in silence
These ancient fortresses were left to us by kings
They tell us the truth unflinchingly.

The colourful street leads straight to the fortress
Every step reminds me of Kashgar
Their noodles and pastries are like ours
The figs of Atush grow here throughout the seasons.

Hopes are floating on the Mediterranean Sea
They arouse great desire in the heart of a desert boy
Gusts of wind kiss my chin without asking consent
They drag me to the sea to swim with the sun.

This island has witnessed countless ages of history
Though the spirit of the Romans has diminished
Elkun seeks a moment of comfort here
Even though his life belongs to the Tarim!

20 September 2016, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy


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