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New Year, how can I salute you today?

Aziz Isa Elkun

Once more you have passed
I have no desire for a new one
Because you brought with you unbearable oppression for my people
Countless friends have disappeared
The humiliation of the Uyghurs reached its peak
All the lovers of freedom thrown into jail
No tears fall from our nation’s eyes without blood
But the world pretends to be blind …
They sell their humanity for profit
If this is what you offer me as a gift
How can I salute you today, New Year?

You thief of life since ancient times!
That’s why Lutun(1) answered you without fear
The enemy’s sword could not kill us all
But the Uyghurs were hardened
Became heroes on the battle field
Without being defeated!

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The British winter

Aziz Isa Elkun

The British winter
is wildest at the sea shore
A day here begins and ends –
Though it seems green everywhere
The Sun shines a little bit around breakfast
Then non stop changes follow …
First sudden storms,
Then showers and we are covered with dark clouds
Falls rain, hail, snow and so on …
No description about the nasty wind.
That’s why we all wear hoodies
Plus warm hats
Then the Sun comes out
With a big smile before it says farewell
The day finally ends with a rainbow
Just at the dusk
Before it sinks to the ocean.

12 February 2018, South Molton, UK

Witness to nature

Aziz Isa Elkun

If I could pretend tonight

I was stargazing at the winter sky

I was standing alone on the shore

and my lonely shadow followed me

under the glowing moonlight.

Separation makes me homesick
this is human nature
when I seek a remedy for my sadness
the stars twinkle back half closing their eyes
I stand far away from them
but I know my fate lies with the moon
I see the foolishness of the borders we make
when I watch the freedom of the moon’s movement.

Then I see an amazing view
there is a place before my eyes
where everything in nature embraces
all melting into one,
hottest among them is the sun,
it boils, effervescent, and sinks into the dusk.

9th December 2017, London.