On Mothers Day!

Aziz Isa Elkun

Interviewed by Marina Shupac. Poem read by Elkun

All humans have a mother
But all mothers’ fates are different
If you can:
give a bunch of roses on Mothers Day
give her a call on Sunday
visit her often and be with her on Christmas day
So I can say
How lucky you are!

Everyone’s mother is an angel …
Mother lives in the heart of a child forever
You are everything for a child
So you are the same for every child
The world will end
Without loving mothers!

So I say
On this Mother’s day:
I cannot hear my mother’s voice
I cannot see her
I don’t know anything about her
There is no way I can give her roses on a special day
Like today.

So I would like to say these words:
Happy mother’s day for the world
Including my mother …
Mothers of all the Uyghurs
who are suffering in the Chinese camps!

Love you mother
Love your mother every day
Not only on Mothers’ day!

12th May 2019, London

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