The new gypsy

by Aziz Isa Elkun

Rain – 
Falling all day. 
I am on the train- 
Feeling my soul- 
Seeing my world. 
This might be another year- 
Taken away from me again- 
Without telling a word. 

But I am the traveller- 
The newest gypsy- 
Wandering around the world 
Finding my way home 
Whether it’s snow or rain. 

Heading for my endless destiny- 
Leaving behind for two days- 
The forgotten Uyghurs’ country. 
Humming my miserable tune- 
Not I am yet reaching my home… 
Half way for my journey. 

But busy with- 
Finding a way- 
A solution- 
For your darkness- 
For your misfortune- 
To bring you a bright light. 

So my heart with you- 
Oh my fathers’ Uyghur land. 
It needs an age- 
To break the thickness of your horizon. 

And so I am – 
The wild storm. 
Hovering above my ocean. 
But I am –   
Far far away again. 
From the desert- 
From the mountain. 
From my fathers’ Uyghur land. 

12 May 2010, London

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