Aziz Isa Elkun

How long is it 
since you became a source of conflict?
We all know well you did not exist
before Adam was born
At that time humans were kind 
and they knew how to love

So why did humans create you ?
Why are they obsessed with you now? 
There are so many wars because of you …
You know 

Trump’s war of the wall with Mexico
Putin’s border war with Ukraine 
Xi Jinping’s borderland war with the Uyghurs
Erdogan’s border war with Syria
Britain’s border war with Europe and so on …. 

So why do you wage war over borders?
No border, no power has the right to 
Take away our God given rights 

We were all born to live free
I want all humans to be free
I want the millions of my fellow Uyghurs
Set free from China’s interment camps
I am ashamed to see caged human inside your walls

I want to break your cage 
I want to break your silence 

I want to be free 
Free like a bird
Like a Wild Pigeon 
To fly freely in the blue sky 
Because we all have only one world.
No time for war and fighting! 

15 February 2019

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