The walls


Among the four grey rusty walls

Million grey wolfs

         Million great mighty souls.

What is this image?

What is it called?





                 humanities fall.

But Each of them know


Liberty is

        out of their captives control

Thirsty Storm creates one true goal

There they shaking, 

There they aching,

There they bloody suffocating

but truly there they not mistaking

for masquerading.

And That abhorrent situation?

      Just a little – reeducation!

For the minority of the population.

Oh, Yes! We’ll study!
With Love this class!

What a lesson!
Such a bless!

Would you just please await alumni

Your Classes won’t be misapplied

     Your classes will be clarified!

Under the light of our moon and the star

and under the blue of our sky

You’ll glimpse through your blinded third eye,

Colors of million wings fly

Sang by the million lips

You’ll hear your last lullaby.

                                          Poem by Yangisar

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