The story behind London’s Kashgar Road

Aziz Isa & Rachel Harris

If one of London´s Uyghurs happens to be looking through London´s A to Z street map and stumbles upon the entry: Kashgar Road, it is with a shock of recognition. For London´s Uyghurs, used to the daily routine of explaining to the British who the Uyghurs are and where they come from, it is extraordinary to find that one of their major cities has lent its name to a London street. How did this come about?

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The new gypsy

by Aziz Isa 

Rain – 
Falling all day. 
I am on the train- 
Feeling my soul- 
Seeing my world. 
This might be another year- 
Taken away from me again- 
Without telling a word. 

But I am the traveller- 
The newest gypsy- 
Wandering around the world 
Finding my way home 
Whether it’s snow or rain. 

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