Gift of the sky

Vilyam Molut

Translated by Aziz Isa Elkun

Like dew under the sunlight
my love, your eyes are shining
walking in paradise like a fairy
you open the door of my feelings

Your mystery touches me
your charming glance melts my soul
like morning wind escaping after a kiss
suddenly wakes my sleeping mood

A beautiful smile falls from your face
your pure soul reflected in it like a mirror
even though the journey of life is not straight
one day the bird of fortune will land on you

the scent of pure winter in your hair
your eyebrows like the wings of the swallow
in your heart there is so much sunshine
your lips await the joy of love

All the beauties belong to you
you are given to the poet as a gift of the sky
my soul burns with emotion like fire
you inspire me to write an epic


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