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Translated by Aziz Isa & Rachel Harris

In the 1860s Russia invaded Ghulja and around 10,000 Ghulja Taranchi (from the Mongol language taran meaning wheat) were moved across the border into what is now Kazakhstan. These people have been moving for centuries – moved from Southern Uyghur region in the seventeenth century by the Qing, 100 households were moved from different villages around Aqsu, Kashgar, Yarkand. Today some places in Ghulja are still called, for example, Dolan Yuz – the hundred Dolan households; Turpan Yuz – the hundred households from Turpan. Some of the families who were moved to Russia fled back to China in the 1930s under Stalin´s white terror.

Thinking of leaving
We made boats
All along the White Khan (Russians) and the Black Khan (Chinese)
Were in alliance together.

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