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I miss you my country

translated by Aziz Isa Elkun

(poet unkown)

The pain in my soul and tears in my eyes

If I see a Uyghur person coming in the distance
My desire will come flooding in like the sea
I miss you my country. 

I can’t stand a moment without thinking of you
You are there at the most beautiful cliff
I can’t stay a moment without thinking of you
You are there in my beautiful dreams.
I buried my greatest hopes inside you
I miss you my country. 

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The Call of Nuzugum

by Nurmemet Yasin (Orkishi)

translated by Aziz Isa Elkun

Where are you our heroic men?
Let us go to the desert,
The brave hunter finds freedom there,
It flows in his spirit and his blood.

The reeds sing a desert song,
Horses neigh on the horizon.
The heroic people who once lived by the sword,
Now lie quiet beneath the earth.

The floating moon becomes a beautiful girl,
Telling a story in the blue* sky,
Oh the reed bed fiercely burns,
And with it the hopes of a whole nation.

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Gift of the sky

Vilyam Molut

Translated by Aziz Isa Elkun

Like dew under the sunlight
my love, your eyes are shining
walking in paradise like a fairy
you open the door of my feelings

Your mystery touches me
your charming glance melts my soul
like morning wind escaping after a kiss
suddenly wakes my sleeping mood

A beautiful smile falls from your face
your pure soul reflected in it like a mirror
even though the journey of life is not straight
one day the bird of fortune will land on you

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