Blue Sky

Aziz Isa Elkun

You’re the blue sky above me
The one I have always loved
Since I learned to walk
To see, to smell, to eat…

I have the deepest feeling for you
It’s always been there
Deep like the ocean
High like the Heaven Mountains
Though my roots are planted in the desert

Blue sky
You’re the only one
Whenever I see
Whenever I smell
Whenever I feel
I’m always growing with you
You always remind me
How priceless is this life

I live with hope
Wishing to be as bright as you
A baby sees the future
Through the corner of her cradle
Smiling in a dream
Our Earth is beautiful
I am full of praise
For you and your blue sky
My heart beats in rhythm
With the sound of the dutar

27th April 2016, London

Read the Uyghur translation of this poem:

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